Sunday, January 29, 2017

Love Thy Enemies

Is there any person or even group of people you have a strong dislike for? Perhaps someone who's mistreated you or hurt you deeply? Is there anyone for whom your animosity is so great you would label them an "enemy?" Turns out we're supposed to love them too, and even pray for them. The next time you feel angry at someone, try praying for them. Ask God to bless them with happiness. You might be surprised to find your own heart softened.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Sure Foundation

It's been a while since the last Ponderize. I don't have much to add for this one, other than to say that the way we build the "foundation" mentioned in Helaman 5:12 is through the things we talk about in church all the time: earnest prayer, diligent scripture study, regular church and temple attendance, sincere service to others, etc. These things do not earn us our salvation. But they do strengthen our conviction and increase our resilience to sin and trials.
When the devil's whirlwind is raging, it is the rock of our Savior--not any earthly power--that will stand. And if we are firmly anchored to Him, then so shall we.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Never Wrong

(Myself not excluded.)

Here's a useful exercise. When was the last time you both recognized and admitted you were wrong about something you cared deeply about? Nobody is right all the time. And we're all willing to admit we're not perfect when our imperfections benefit us, like when we need an excuse for mistakes or misbehavior for example ("hey, nobody's perfect"). But why then, if we so readily recognize that we're not perfect, is it so difficult to recognize when we are wrong about something?

I think it's important to approach every conversation with the assumption that our own positions--yes, even our most precious opinions and beliefs--could be flawed, or completely wrong altogether. That doesn't mean you give them up without a fight; it does mean laying them on the line and putting them to the test. If it turns out they are wrong, then we can relieve ourselves of them and be better off for it. If we remain convinced that they are correct however, that conviction will grow even stronger.

There can be no "trial of faith" with no trial.