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What does "ponderize" mean?
The word "ponderize" comes from a talk given by Devin G. Durrant and means "80 percent extended pondering and 20 percent memorization." I try to ponderize a new scripture every week, and creating little doodles that illustrate my chosen passage is a fun way to do so. For more details, you can read Elder Durrant's talk entitled My Heart Pondereth Them Continually.

May I print or download these comics, and/or upload them to another website?
Yes, you may print and download any Sour Peppers comic for personal use. And you may upload any comic from sourpeppers.com to other websites as long as
  • the comic is not altered in any way,
  • the comic is not used for commercial purposes,
  • the comic is not portrayed as belonging to, created by, or affiliated with any person, organization, company, or website other than sourpeppers.com, and
  • a link to sourpeppers.com is included nearby as the source of the comic (in the description or first comment is sufficient).
Please note that this only applies to comics found on sourpeppers.com, and not any other affiliated website.

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