Sunday, August 5, 2018

Cry Day and Night

This question follows the Lord's parable of the unjust judge, who agreed to avenge a widow of her adversary, not because he cared about her or her well being, but rather because she kept asking for his help and he didn't want her bothering him anymore. The implication being, if the unjust judge would help the widow because of her persistence, how much more will God, who loves us, grant our righteous desires if we will be patient and persist in prayer unto him and if it be His will.

While this verse can apply to any righteous desire that we have, it is of particular importance when seeking knowledge in the form of personal revelation. We may not receive our answers right away. That's okay. Sometimes (often in fact) we will need to be patient. But while we are waiting to receive our answer, we should continue in earnest prayer, which will demonstrate to our Heavenly Father that the knowledge we seek is important to us, and that we trust that He is able to provide it unto us.

This is the third in a series of Sour Peppers on personal revelation.