Sunday, November 15, 2015


My Ponderize scripture for this week is short and simple. I had it picked out earlier in the week, but after the tragedies that occurred over the weekend, I thought about changing it. I wondered if it would really be appropriate to talk about rejoicing at a time of such mourning. However, I eventually decided to keep it.
Mourning and rejoicing are not mutually exclusive. When terrible things happen, it's important and healthy to take time to mourn, but we should also take time often to rejoice at the Lord's blessings. And besides, if a time ever comes when we cease to rejoice, then those who strive to sow terror will have gained a great victory.
So again, my condolences to those who are suffering at this time. God is aware of your suffering. But there is also much good in the world if we will look for it. So again I say, Rejoice!

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