Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Nothing Too Hard

A commission. When God makes us a promise, we can be confident He will deliver, impossible though it may seem. The Bible is full of notable examples of this, and every day our real lives are full of less obvious but no less significant instances. Difficult and painful though our present circumstances may be, we can look to God with the hope that He will keep all his promises and fix all things that are broken; even us.

The commissioner for this piece chose the scripture, character, and pose. For those unfamiliar, this creature is known as a sergal, which is a fictitious alien species resembling something like a cross between a shark and a rabbit or kangaroo. The choice in species doesn't have anything, in particular, to do with the chosen scripture; simply a stylistic choice.

If you'd like an illustration featuring a scripture or inspirational quote of your choice, check out my commissions page for more info: sourpeppers.com/p/commissions.html

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